Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Sewing Class...

Beth cut out her pattern. She is making a jean dress. After cutting the pattern, she started off with reading the pattern. She was learning how to create a placket in the front of the dress. A placket overlaps and you put buttonholes and buttons on it.

Juanita was working on her dress for herself...She was learning about gathering skirts and making sure everything laid evenly. She was also furthering her pattern reading skills.
Later Jayden and Hannah came to class.
 Hannah started making sweat pants for herself. She cut out the pattern, and pieced the entire main part of the pants in one class.

Jayden brought a blanket in that she needed to fix. She fixed it and immediately moved on to making a cosmetic bag for her mom. Jayden was practicing cutting out and sewing the entire bag without help. She did a great job at cutting her lining, interfacing and main fabric. This bag has a zipper. Although she needed some help with putting it in, she did great!

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