Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrillin Tuesdays....

Tuesday is our fullest day of sewing classes... so to say the least it is full of excitement!

We start the day with Natalie, Lillie and Landry.. these girls are always full of excitement...

Landry finished a strip skirt she was making

Lillie did some sewing on a job for us

And Natalie finished sewing a skirt she was making...she learned how to make pleats today!

Macy and Hallie came and they finished their doll blankets...in it they learned how to sew straight lines, sew on buttons and pivoting! But we forgot to take pictures...so you will have to see them next week!

Serina and Sophia came also! Serina started a jacket for herself...She only cut out today, but that was a big task to conquer...and she did it!

Sophia continued sewing a jacket for herself...She was practicing reading the instructions and figuring them out as much as she could on her own...she did pretty well at it!

Gwen and Cooper then came and cooper continued sewing a bean bag chair for himself!

Gwen finished her doll robe and began sewing another set of doll clothes!

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