Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's accomplishments!

So to catch everyone up....on Tuesday we had Macy and Hallie again...
They did an excellent job and finished their bags they were making! In this bag they practiced cutting out and got to learn how to pivot, clip corners, curves and put lining in. The bags turned out adorable!

Serina and Sophia worked on their jackets. Sohpia finished hers...she learned how to put ribbon on...Serina did an excellent job at reading the instructions and pleating her fabric by herself!

On Wednesday Gwen and her brother Alec came. Alec saw all the things his sister had been making and decided he wanted to learn how to make animals. He started cutting out, and he did pretty good! Gwen cut out a doll jumper and finished sewing doll cape! She loves doll clothes!

Emma and Tatum also came and they are sewing  making pajamas. They started sewing the shirts and did very well! One of their best classes yet!

Today Beth, Juanita and Annmarie came! It was Annmarie's first time coming in a while so she started with a skirt and got it all cut out...then she started sewing it. Juanita is working on her dress for herself...It is finally getting finished and she learned how to put the zipper in today! Beth is making a prize for her niece, she learned how to put sleeves on and is practicing ironing the things she sews very neatly.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friday and Monday classes

Friday Ruby and Crystal came for class. Crystal is working on a coat for herself and she is almost finished!!!(This has been a very long project for her, but a good one) Ruby is working on a special little outfit for one of her cousins.

Yesterday, Monday, Caedie and Jaalah came in the morning and continued working on their sweatshirt and doll dress. They are almost done! Next week they will get to start on a new project!

Later on Danielle, Ronni and Makena came. Makena is wokring on a doll dress, Ronni is working on a dress for herself and Danielle is making a bag for herself!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monday and Tuesday Classes

Yesterday Jaalah worked on more of her sweatshirt and Caedie started a doll dress. They both got quite a bit done. Jaalah had some ripping out to do and a good lesson was learned!

Today we started off with Lillie, Landrie and Natalie. They were all so full of energy and great fun be with. Natalie started her first dress ever and she was so excited! Landrie and Lillie both worked on jobs we have so that was extra special.

A little later Hallie and Macy came and started on some bags for themselves. They were so excited to get their bags done quickly and both came very close to finishing them. The pattern is an Amy Butler bag pattern and is very simple to make and so stylish.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thrillin Tuesdays....

Tuesday is our fullest day of sewing classes... so to say the least it is full of excitement!

We start the day with Natalie, Lillie and Landry.. these girls are always full of excitement...

Landry finished a strip skirt she was making

Lillie did some sewing on a job for us

And Natalie finished sewing a skirt she was making...she learned how to make pleats today!

Macy and Hallie came and they finished their doll it they learned how to sew straight lines, sew on buttons and pivoting! But we forgot to take you will have to see them next week!

Serina and Sophia came also! Serina started a jacket for herself...She only cut out today, but that was a big task to conquer...and she did it!

Sophia continued sewing a jacket for herself...She was practicing reading the instructions and figuring them out as much as she could on her own...she did pretty well at it!

Gwen and Cooper then came and cooper continued sewing a bean bag chair for himself!

Gwen finished her doll robe and began sewing another set of doll clothes!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's Sewing Classes...

Today starts a new week... I always look forward to classes at the beginning of a week.

Well today Caedie and Jaalah came to class. I forgot to take pictures, but Caedie was finishing up making a fabric baby book for her brother's first birthday. It is actually pretty neat! Here's the pattern. Jaalah started making a sweatshirt for herself!

Next comes our 3 little girls to class...Ronni, Makena and Danielle. They have been taking lessons for a little while now, so today was the day to have them start trying things on their own. Ronni started making a sun dress for herself...She found what pieces she needed and cut out most of them by herself. Actually Ronni was only 1 point away from earning a sewing box, and yes she finally got it, after about 4 months...

 Makena made a ball for her niece..very sweet of her...

And Danielle started making a tote bag...She also was trying to do it on her own...She found the pieces she needed, cut the fabric and got the pockets put on! I am so glad these girls are all excited about sewing. I can't wait til I can hire them in my shop!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Sewing Class...

Beth cut out her pattern. She is making a jean dress. After cutting the pattern, she started off with reading the pattern. She was learning how to create a placket in the front of the dress. A placket overlaps and you put buttonholes and buttons on it.

Juanita was working on her dress for herself...She was learning about gathering skirts and making sure everything laid evenly. She was also furthering her pattern reading skills.
Later Jayden and Hannah came to class.
 Hannah started making sweat pants for herself. She cut out the pattern, and pieced the entire main part of the pants in one class.

Jayden brought a blanket in that she needed to fix. She fixed it and immediately moved on to making a cosmetic bag for her mom. Jayden was practicing cutting out and sewing the entire bag without help. She did a great job at cutting her lining, interfacing and main fabric. This bag has a zipper. Although she needed some help with putting it in, she did great!