Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's accomplishments!

So to catch everyone up....on Tuesday we had Macy and Hallie again...
They did an excellent job and finished their bags they were making! In this bag they practiced cutting out and got to learn how to pivot, clip corners, curves and put lining in. The bags turned out adorable!

Serina and Sophia worked on their jackets. Sohpia finished hers...she learned how to put ribbon on...Serina did an excellent job at reading the instructions and pleating her fabric by herself!

On Wednesday Gwen and her brother Alec came. Alec saw all the things his sister had been making and decided he wanted to learn how to make animals. He started cutting out, and he did pretty good! Gwen cut out a doll jumper and finished sewing doll cape! She loves doll clothes!

Emma and Tatum also came and they are sewing  making pajamas. They started sewing the shirts and did very well! One of their best classes yet!

Today Beth, Juanita and Annmarie came! It was Annmarie's first time coming in a while so she started with a skirt and got it all cut out...then she started sewing it. Juanita is working on her dress for herself...It is finally getting finished and she learned how to put the zipper in today! Beth is making a prize for her niece, she learned how to put sleeves on and is practicing ironing the things she sews very neatly.

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  1. I have a skirt out of that green fabric!!
    Looks like ya'll have tons of fun!