Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introduction to Sewing Classes - Wednesday's Lessons

Today is the first day of our sewing class blog. We put together this blog so each of the students can watch instructional videos to help them with their sewing projects at home. Each student can refer to this blog for sewing tips and techniques to help improve their sewing skills. We also encourage the parents of our students to check the blog to see what projects your child is currently working on and to see what happened each day. Feel free to leave comments any time to let us know what you think!

Each student's homework will also be posted under the "homework" tab so they can remember what to accomplish.

Today Rose practiced ironing and sewing the double fold hem. She also learned how to encase a raw edge with bias tape. She was also learning different techniques about altering.
Rose is practicing the double fold hem

A closer view
Megan is making a jacket for herself. She was practicing cutting out and reading instructions and understanding what the terms mean.
Megan is cutting out her jacket lining

She is doing excellently at this

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